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Travel Day 15/2/19

U13 Team & Coaches at Heathrow Terminal 2 getting ready to go

It was a day of travelling for the team today. 945am meet up at Heathrow terminal 2, team dressed in their new legacy team wear plus a mini mountain of luggage collected including new team kit bags courtesy of legacy also. Team checked in and baggage all tagged and dispatched.

The team then headed through security and off to the plane. Due to the number of players and parents travelling 12 other travellers (parents and siblings) then had to make the trek over to T5 to catch a later flight.

The first flight headed out at 13.00 via Air Canada with the Second following at 1645 via British Airways.

5 hours later the flights touched down in Montreal and the team headed for the team bus for the 3 hour drive up to Quebec (A well deserved stop at Tim Horton's was included). Team arrived at hotel and the players meet and then headed off with their Canadian billet families that will be looking after them for the week.

The second group travelling arrived and picked up a couple of the team MPV's and drove the 3 hours up to Quebec arriving just after midnight (Quebec time or 5am UK time!).

A long day of travelling but we are now here..... Time to get ready for Hockey!

Yep its snowy here :)

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