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Day 3 - First Tournament Game

Today was going to be a huge day as it was our first tournament game day and oh wow what a day!!

For the team staff it started early making sure that we had every thing we needed for the bench and then just enough time to grab a quick breakfast before the bus collected us to take us to the Videotron so that we could meet the players when the billet families dropped them off and start to prepare them for their game at 10:30.

From the meeting point we had a little time to watch a bit of the game being played while we waited to be called down to the dressing room and take in the view of the rink knowing that the team would soon be on the ice pad in front of us.

Videotron Arena - 18,259 seats

We were called to the changing room to prepare for the game. The team lead down to one of the multiple changing rooms underneath the stands. Team bags awaiting us upon our arrival. As the team got ready we were taken for the official team photo and team coaches, captain and assistants had a brief interview with the tournament journalist. Team talk carried out and then the team lined up in the corridor ready to head to the ice..

Ready to go...

Walking the tunnel up to the ice pad was amazing as it opened out in to the huge arena, the massive screens above us, the cheering of the crowds around the arena.. but time very limited as it was straight in to 2 minute warm up, exchange of gifts with the other team and ready for face off..

The view looking up from the bench .. nearly time to play!

We played a very good team from Quebec who haven’t lost a game all season. We lost the game 9-0 however, the team again, didn’t give up, played until the final buzzer and loved every single second of being on the ice, an amazing experience!

As we left the ice and returned to the changing room it was time to change and then head back up so that we could take the players around the hockey hall of fame exhibition that was visiting the rink. The players then returned to the billet families ready to head off for the activities the families had planned for them.

Our first tournament game done.. an unforgettable experience for the players to have played in this arena.

On the ice :)

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