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Day 9 - Final full day in Quebec

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

After 8 full on days it was a day to rest a little. The players spending their day with the billet families that have been looking after them for the duration of their stay in Quebec. Our parents spending some time out and about round Quebec (not following us around between rinks and team events for a change).

It also allowed our coaches a little time to get out and take in a few games at the videotron, watching some of the top peewee teams battling it out to get to the finals.

For their afternoon there was only one way to end it and that was out playing pond hockey where they turned up at a couple of the numerous community rinks and joined in with the locals to play.

Happy Coaches

For the evening it was time for the coaches and managers to sit back and reflect on the time in Quebec and the experiences that we have been able to provide the players by bringing them to the tournament. It truly is one of the greatest junior ice hockey tournaments in the world and we can see why players that have attended it never forget it.

The players have made us very proud as they have been polite, kind and very well behaved through out the trip and really have represented not only the club very well but also the country being the only English team attending.

We also need to thank again all the people that have made this trip possible, the sponsors and that have donated money to support the players including Burrito Loco. Legacy for helping kit the players and staff out with tracksuits, jackets and kit bags, plus all the others that have donated money via donations at the various fundraising events held.

Our players will be returning home with some unforgettable memories and experiences that will stay with them for years.

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