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Day 10 - The journey home

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

It was going to be a long day but there was only one way to start it and that was to head to the Videotron Arena one last time for the final of the Inter B group that we had been part of. We arrived at the Videotron and settled in with the players, parents and billet families for the game which saw Quebec Nord-Est Seigneurs play Team Romania.

Inter B Final

It was a very fast and close game which saw Team Romania battle really hard and manage to take a 3 : 1 win over the Quebec team. The hockey was incredible to watch as the two teams played and it was hard to remember that the players on the ice where 12 years old, the passing, game play and shooting was fantastic and the netminders had lightning fast reactions.

From here it was back to the hotel to prepare for the coach that would be taking us to Montreal and our flights home. We arrived back at the hotel as the snow was starting to fall (a severe weather warning had been issued for Quebec with the expectation of 25 to 35cm of snow plus driving winds that was due to hit around midday!)

We all gathered in the foray with a mountain of bags and started to load the coach and only just fitted it all on board! The final good byes said with the billet families that have played host to the players and looked after them superbly since they have been in Quebec, plus our billet captain Nathalie and her assistant Mario for all their help before and during the tournament plus our guide Gilles who's help was invaluable to us during the stay in organising events and dealing with timings and any issues that occurred.

As the coach departed in the snow for the drive to Montreal it seemed hard to leave what has been an amazing experience and one that none of us will ever forget.

The journey to Montreal took us just over 4 hours with a stop for some food on the way and then it was time to battle through the airport with all the kit, players and parents and on to the two over night flights home.

Our Quebec Pee-Wee International Ice Hockey Tournament 2019 now at an end, new friendships made, players inspired, once in a life time experiences achieved.

Our final thank you has to go to the coaches, managers and all those involved in making this dream possible for the clubs players.

copyright Quebec Pee-Wee Tournament

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