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Day 8 - Final Game and Snow Park

Today was our final game day and it was up early to head to the Videotron to collect the team before heading out to Wendake rink where we had played our first game. Today's game this time against a team from Budapest.

It was a very close game that we lost 3-0 but it was a great way to end the games for the trip. The team played like a team, moved the puck and competed to the final whistle and were very unlucky not to have scored.

Once off the ice it was time to change in to winter wear and head to the bus and get ready to head out to the the snow park were the players could spend time with their parents.

The snow park was an amazing place with over 6

5 different tube rides from gentle slopes to the insane Everest slope which was almost vertical..

After a couple of hours we had a team lunch and then it was back out on the slopes again for a few more hours. The parents also had the chance to visit the ice hotel that was onsite.

We gathered the team at later in the afternoon and headed back to the bus for the trip to Tomas Tan restaurant for our team / parent / billet family meal.

Team, Parents and Billet Family Meal

The players headed back to their billet families and the rest of us returned to the hotel. With Saturday approaching it will be the players last day in Quebec so they will be spending it with the billet families who have planned activities for them for the day.

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