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Day 7 - Pond Hockey

Today was the first day that we did not have a scheduled game so a day of fun planned for the players. We collected them from the Videotron and headed out of town and up in to the hills, the snow falling as we drove up.

We arrived at the Parc de Gusse Du Grand Heron which has several outdoor rinks and a huge woodland skate trail. The rink was cleared of snow and goals put on and the players split in to teams for some pond hockey.

After a good hour on the ice it was time to get the skates off and hop on the bus for a 2 minute drive down the road to a pizza restaurant for lunch for the players, team staff, billet families and parents that had joined us.

Our Team Transport

We then returned to our bus and headed back to the Parc de Gusse Du Grand Heron so that we could all skate the woodland skate trails. The ice tracks wind through the woods and have a Zamboni run over them so the ice is as good as a rink.

The woodland tracks cover over 2.5km in distance and provided our players a great chance to skate and play (especially with all the snow that lined the tracks!)

Even the coaches got in to the spirit of things..

After a lot of skating it was back to the bus and back to the videotron arena to drop of the players to the billet families for the remainder of the day. It was then a quiet night as early start was planned as we have our last game scheduled in at 9am..

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