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Day 6 - Dog sledging and 5th game

It was an early 600am start as we had to be up, breakfast had and on the bus by 7 for the trip to the Videotron to meet the players for the 7.30am pick up. Once we had collected them it was then off to the forest to the dog sledging park.

It was definitely a day to wrap up warm as the cold was biting. We were split in to groups and each group assigned a group leader and they then took us through how the sledges work and how to drive them.

We loaded up each sledge and then the it was off around the trail though the forest. Once done it was in to a small cabin for hot chocolate and warm up and then back on the bus for the trip back to the Videotron for the players lunch.

With lunch done it was back on to the bus and heading out to the Ancienne Lorrett Arena for our next game. This time we got to play our first non Canadian team, Mexico Ice Dome. The game started well with our first goal within 30 seconds!

We continued to play hard and quickly added another before they pulled one back and at the end of the first period the score stood at 2 : 1 to us

The second period was a harder battle and the game became more physical. at the end of the second period the score was 3 : 3 and we had all to play for in the 3rd period.

The 3rd Period has a hard battle but we finally managed to get the 4th goal in but kept the pressure on them so we could finally take the win.

After 4 loses it was great for the players to have a win. It was then change time and players went back to the billet families. For the team staff it was a little down time for the evening after a busy few days.

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