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Day 5 - 2nd tournament game

Today was going to be a long day so it was up early, good breakfast and heading off to the Videodrome to collect the players from the billet families, then it was on to the team bus and off to a huge hockey shop to meet the player parents (expensive morning for the parents!!). Once shopping was done it was back to the Videotron Arena and a very short walk to the Pavillon de la Jeuness to get ready for our second tournament game.

The game started well well with us scoring the first goal and the really piling the pressure on the opposing team but at the first we had slipped to 3 : 1 down but the team did not stop battling and we could see that they really had started to adjusting to the way hockey is played over here. They fought hard and we added a second goal but could not fight of the relentless pressure from the opposing team and finally conceded the game 7 : 2.

The team changed quickly and is was time to go grab our team lunch and then back on to the bus for the trip up to the lake for a little outdoors skate. The lake was spectacular and huge!! the skate way was massive!

From here it was back on to the bus and back to the videotron for food and then time to settle and watch the Remparts play. The families and Billet families joined the players for the game which went in to overtime and penalties much to the enjoyment of the players.

It was a long day for all but an amazing day.. players went back off to the billet families and the rest of us returned to the hotel for a good nights sleep!

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