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Day 4 - Team trip and 3rd Game

Today was our first chance to take the team out on a trip, so it was off to old Quebec for a trip across the St Lawrence River and a walk up to the Chateau Frontenac that over looks the river beneath

View across a the river

It was a cold start at -24C as we headed out to the Videotron to meet the players. Once we collected them it was off to the port to catch the boat across the river. The view across the river was spectacular, with large lumps of ice floating past. The team boarded the boat and we headed across (the wind was enough to leave a frost in your hair!).

With the flow of the river and ice it actually felt like the land was moving!

We took a return trip back over and then it was the uphill walk to the Chateau Frontenac taking in the ice sculptures as we went

At the top we found the PeeWee Tournment Logo Ice sculpture so it was team photo time..

From here, we got the players on to the team bus and headed off for lunch and to prepare them for the game ahead.

It was our second exhibition game and we played in a facility that had 3 ice pads in the same building (plus 19 changing rooms!!). We came across a very physical and tough opponent from Quebec. 7-0 loss however the team battled hard and can see that they are adjusting to the style of play here in Canada and raising their game to compete.

A little time to watch a team play before game time

Once we had played it was time to send the players off with the billet families and settle down for a quiet evening and early bed as another full day ahead..

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