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The aims of our club are to encourage and promote children into the sport of Ice Hockey. The intent is to promote fitness, team spirit and good attitude amongst the members of the club whilst engaging the members in a fun and exciting activity. Guildford Juniors are frequently selected for English national teams at their relevant age groups and progressing into senior Ice hockey at English national and premier leagues including the Guildford Flames or into Senior recreational teams. ​ Also as part of the Junior club, we now have an NIHL2 team that allows a progression path for our Juniors in to men's senior hockey and our long established ladies team that players in the English Womens Elite League.

At Guildford we are proud of how our players develop and how our coaches build strong teams from the players they teach. This is reflected in the Guildford junior teams performance within the leagues they play in with all our junior teams being in division 1 for the U11, U13, U15 and U18 age groups. Looking back over the years Guildford junior teams have been consistently within the top 4 teams in their respective leagues and for over 50% of the time within the top 2 teams in the leagues (covering the junior classified age groups U10 - U18/19)

The history of the Junior club dates back to September 1993 when it was formed not long after Spectrum opened in February 1993. Since then the club has seen a distinguished list of coaches help teach the junior players, with the likes of Paul Ager, John Hepburn, Andy Sparks, Paul Thompson, Ryan Campbell, Fred Perlini, Stan Marple, Mike Urquhart, Terry Kurtenbach to name but a few.

With the strong link the Junior club has with the Guildford Flames, their support has been invaluable to the club and has ensured our continued success over the years and this continues today with past and present members of the Guildford flames helping to coach the next generation of players at the club.

To assist in the success of the club, a strong committee made up of coaches and volunteers is in place to ensure that the management of the club is both effective and follows the expected standards laid down by the Ice hockey governing body. The club has a clear structure and strong policies in place to ensure that all involved know what is expected of them as a member of the club.

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